Texas´s customs and beliefs

We briefly visited the Creation Evidence Museum in Texas.

“Your contribution will help us continue to: Provide a creation science message opposing the evolutionary theory.
Educate children about the scientific and Biblical principles of our earth, as opposed to the evolutionary theory that is taught in the public school system.
Lead efforts to introduce new and exciting evidences further proving God’s design.” (from the museums webpage)
Hmmm…It is quite a charming museum with very friendly staff and it definitly will give you an extended view of all pseudoscientific branches of creationism including creation science, flood geology, intelligent design, as well as subsets of pseudoarchaeology, pseudohistory and even pseudolinguistics.

Well, don´t forget to click on Noah in the wonderful painting below.

Dinosaurus in front of Pre-Flood Biosphere
Noah´s Arc with dinosaurus
Noah´s Arc with dinosaurus
Creation Model
Creation Model
Globe of the Pre Flood World
God in Texas
God in Texas

More American Monuments

American Monuments

People want leadership not only from the living but from the dead.

Alabama´s customs and beliefs

This Alabama backwater oddity creeped us out.

Military Museum Displays

An investigation into the meaning of weapons in peacetime.


Oversized displays of christian faith.

Explore the Institute

Project Gnome

Nuclear test site of the Gnome Project.

New Evidence

The Strangelove Collection at Concertgebeauw Brugge 2019

Strange worlds

The Strangelove Collection at Albert van Abbehuis gallery 2017.

Sacred photograms

Up in smoke.