IHDAP Institute for the Harmonious Development of Art and Photography

The Institute IHDAP was founded by German photographer P.W.Voigt in the early 90’s in Barcelona.
Barcelona was a proto hipster place with the fading charm of the “Movida Madrileña”. Social networking happened in the never ending mysterious glittering nights out. The night felt like an adventurous playground where one could exhaust the possibilities of interdisciplinary visions and concepts. It was there, where the idea of the Institute was born. The Institute appeared with a psychedelic photographic installation at the infamous “Distrito Distinto”, it collaborated with various electronic musicians and disappeared again.

Recently we reopened the Institute. As a result of the digital revolution and the economizing of photography, photographers became experts in experimental surviving strategies rather than experimentalists in their art.
So in turn, we decided to create a small sanctuary to enjoy photography among friends and reconnect with other art forms.
It will give you a chance to dive deep into our current projects, discover lost pearls from our archives and be introduced to some truly remarkable artists in the Recommendations Section.