We have met some remarkable people.
Let us show you their work, their workspaces and their stories.

Daniel Stier – Ways of Knowing

I have known Daniel for years. Actually, we met back in the day while applying to art school and we’ve managed to stay friends till now.
He is an outstanding photographer with a steady output of very contemporary and precise work.
I highly recommend his latest book “Ways of Knowing”. A future classic.





More info on Daniel:
Ways of Knowing
Daniel Stier




Frederik Petersen – Wax Rubber Skin

We spotted Frederik as we entered the Creation Evidence Museum in Texas.
There was an Amish family admiring a large replica of Noah´s Ark, generously equipped with all kinds of animals and a pair of friendly T. Rex. A group of kids were watching a video lesson on the atmospheric pressure of the Pre-Flood world, which enabled dinosaurs to reach full stature 6000 years ago.

And there was Frederik, photographing a museum display of a fantastic bird with a beak full of teeth. It was an awkward moment and for just one second of uncertainty, we weren’t sure if he was the designated photographer of the museum.

Frederik is working on a project exploring how reality comes into being.
He’s interested in naturalistic representations of reality such as wax figures and landscape tableaux in natural history museums and medical collections.
He calls this project Wax Rubber Skin.

In his work, photography is encapsulated in a form of circular reasoning:
It is the instrument through which he discovers and comes to understand the constructions that oscillate on the edge between representation and reality.
And it is itself a medium that makes reality.


IHDAP-Frederik Petersen-Wax Rubber Skin-01

IHDAP-Frederik Petersen-Wax Rubber Skin-04 IHDAP-Frederik Petersen-Wax Rubber Skin-05 IHDAP-Frederik Petersen-Wax Rubber Skin-06 IHDAP-Frederik Petersen-Wax Rubber Skin-03 IHDAP-Frederik Petersen-Wax Rubber Skin-07 IHDAP-Frederik Petersen-Wax Rubber Skin-02

© Wax Rubber Skin by Frederik Petersen. 2015

More info on Frederik:





Beijing Silvermine – Thomas Sauvin

Beijing Silvermine is a unique photographic portrait of the capital and the life of its inhabitants following the Cultural Revolution. It covers a period of 20 years, from 1985, namely when silver film started being used massively in China, to 2005, when digital photography started taking over. These 20 years are those of China’s economic opening, when people started prospering, travelling, consuming, having fun.

http://vimeo url=”





Atomic Burger Thumbnail

Atomic Burger

American Monuments

Burger joint and intercontinental nuclear missile, Georgia

Alabama´s customs and beliefs Thumbnail

Alabama´s customs and beliefs

American Monuments

This Alabama backwater oddity creeped us out

Strangelove – An Iconography of missiles Thumbnail

Strangelove – An Iconography of missiles

American Monuments

In an intriguing exhibition Simon Norfolk, P.W. Voigt and Gabriel Jones each in their own way isolate tanks, aircraft and rockets from their raison d’etre

Strangelove – Military Museum Displays Thumbnail

Strangelove – Military Museum Displays

American Monuments

Investigation into the meaning of weapons in peacetime. Strangelove is a long-running and still unfinished investigation into the meaning of weapons in peacetime. By examining their public manifestation P.W.Voigt exposes the emotions lying behind them.

Project Gnome Thumbnail

Project Gnome

American Monuments

Visiting the lovely Loving village and the nearby explosion site of the Gnome Project

New American Monuments Thumbnail

New American Monuments

American Monuments

“People want leadership not only from the living but from the dead” claims Leslie George Katz in Lee Friedlander´s epochal “American Monuments”. We found significant proof to support his theory in Texas…Continue Reading